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Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court

Tribunal Metropolitano del Condado de Bernalillo

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Welcome to the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court Jury Division

Thank you for being here to participate in a very important part of our system of justice.

What happens if I am one of the Jurors selected to report to the courtroom?

Jurors are randomly selected by the computer to go to a courtroom. When a courtroom contacts the Jury Division to initialize a jury trial, the computer randomly selects the requested number of Jurors from the Jurors who have checked-in that day and generates a list of Jurors for that courtroom. After Jurors are selected, a copy of those Jurors’ questionnaires is provided to the Defense Attorney, Prosecutor, and Judge.

When you arrive in the courtroom, the Voir Dire process begins. At the beginning of Voir Dire, typically, the Judge will give an estimate of the duration of the trial. Most jury trials at the Metropolitan Court conclude the same day, however, some jury trials continue to the next day. It is your responsibility to let the Judge know of any pending appointments (for which we have previously excused you) that may conflict with the jury trial.

Once in the courtroom, the Jurors are questioned by the attorneys and the Judge about their background, life experiences, and opinions to determine whether they can be fair and impartial. Just answer the questions truthfully. There is no right or wrong answer. If you do not wish to answer a particular question in the presence of your fellow Jurors, you may ask to speak with the Judge and attorneys in private.

When Voir Dire is completed, you will be asked to step into the hallway while the selection process takes place. At this time, do not speak to anyone (including your fellow Jurors) about the case.

Jurors are selected randomly in the courtroom. The six Jurors and one Alternate Juror who are accepted by both attorneys and the Judge are impaneled and sworn in as the Jury. Impaneled Jurors will be given badges to wear. These badges identify you as a Juror, so that any individuals associated with the case cannot approach or communicate with you. If you are selected as a Juror for that jury trial, you will be instructed to follow the Judge’s instructions until the trial concludes. After the trial ends, you will begin calling the Code-A-Phone again for the duration of your Jury Service term.

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