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In 2019 the New Mexico Legislature authorized the Crime Reduction Grant Act under HB0267.  This legislation directed local Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils to "facilitate sharing of criminal justice information between agencies" NMSA 1978 § 31-28-3(E)(5).  It also directed the New Mexico Sentencing Commission to "create and maintain a data-sharing network [to promote] information sharing among criminal justice agencies" NMSA 1978 § 9-3-10(D)(14).  Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils from across the state voted to support a statewide data sharing platform.

The NM dataXchange data sharing platform is supplied by Socrata and Tyler Technologies as a "Data as a Service" (DaaS).  The platform is hosted in a cloud environment; allows data to flow in near-real-time; provides other government entities access to the data without allowing access directly to the agency’s case management system; and offers viewing options on the platform or customizable formatting for data downloads.

NM dataXchange rolled out a pilot to all New Mexico Criminal Justice Partners in June of 2020, which included New Mexico Court data for the following datasets:

  • Notice of Hearing Information
  • Open/Active Warrants
  • Release Orders/Conditions of Release
  • Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
  • Disposition & Sentencing                            
  • Transport Orders                                          
  • Alias

There is a C2 funding request before the 2021 Legislative session requesting additional funds to support the project moving forward.  The additional funding will cover years FY22 through FY23. In FY21, the project is expanding the number of bulk datasets on the platform and the number of agencies, other than the judiciary, who will share its bulk data.  In FY22, the project will share performance measure targets on criminal justice agency websites; and in FY23 the project will present publicly-accessible bulk datasets on criminal justice  agency  websites.

Glossary of Terms

Justice Partner = State, municipal (per NMSA 1978, Section 3-1-2(G)) or federal law enforcement, corrections agencies, compliance programs (per NMSA 1978, Section 31-20-5.1), municipal judges and court staff, and any state or federal agency involved in adult, family or child welfare.

MOU & Applications 

If you are a Justice Partner Agency Head or Agency CIO: MOU 

If you are a Justice Partner IT staff who intends to access the data: JP Application

After receiving the unique login credentials, approved registered users can access the NM dataXchange application here: www.nmdataxchange.gov

Any violation of the terms and conditions set forth in the Application for Access to NM dataXchange system by any user, will result in steps being implemented as outlined in this policy (click to open).

Once you have logged in, you will be directed to your profile page. This page will display all datasets (referred to as assets on the platform), filtered views, visualizations, forms or stories you’ve created under “My Assets”.  To view those that have been shared with you, click “Shared with Me”.   

To search for other datasets, you can perform a simple keyword search on the landing page or in the Data Catalog.   The platform uses word stemming, which automatically includes common forms of the same root term. For example, searching for "educational," will also match “education”, “educating” and “educate”.  You may narrow a search by selecting a specific category to search within.  Categories on the platform refer to the justice partner or type of justice partner that created the dataset.   

Search results are rendered based on information contained within the metadata of the datasets.  The order of search results are not alphabetical but are determined, in part, by the view count and frequency of updates to the dataset.

The Socrata Education offers several live or on-demand training courses for both end user use and navigation of the platform and datasets; how to create and manage your datasets; and how to utilize the Socrata API to extract and ingest the data into your own CMS/JMS.

The Socrata educational training courses can be found here.  The Socrata recommended courses are as follows:

  • Intro to the World of Data on Socrata (13 minutes, on-demand)
  • Create and Manage Your Dataset on Socrata (16 minutes, on-demand)
  • Shape and Join Data with SOQL Query Editor (1 hour, live or on-demand)

The more in-depth API or developer training is located here.  The Socrata recommended courses are as follows:

  • Explore Data with Charts on Socrata (1 hour, live or on-demand)
  • Map Your Data on Socrata (23 minutes on-demand, 1 hour live)
  • Tell a Story with Socrata Perspectives (16 minutes on-demand)

Other recommended training courses are as follows:

Transform Data with Socrata Query Language

Data Analysis Tools and Connections on Socrata

In FY21, NM Sentencing Commission, Judiciary, and justice partners will collaborate to propose a long term data sharing governance and funding structure to ensure continued expansion of the data sharing effort.  Once the sharing governance document is complete you will find it here.