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In 2019 the Supreme Court approved the following new, amended, and withdrawn rules and forms. This page will be updated as additional amendments are approved.



Guardianship and conservatorship - service of process, certification, rights of alleged incapacitated persons [Order No. 19-8300-001 and Rules 1-004.1, 1-140, and 1-142 NMRA; and Form 4-999 NMRA]

[Approved 1-14-19; Rules 1-004.1 and 1-140, and Form 4-999 effective 1-14-19; and Rule 1-142 effective 7-01-19]

Order No.19-8300-001   Form 4-999     Rule 1-004.1   Rule 1-140   Rule 1-142

Electronic filing in domestic relations actions involving New Mexico Child Support Enforcement Division [Order No. 19-8300-002 and LR6-213, LR12-201, and LR13-208 NMRA]

[Approved 2-14-19; effective 9-01-19]

Order No.19-8300-002   LR6-213   LR12-201   LR13-208   

Consolidation of district and magistrate courts [Order No. 19-8300-003 and Rules 23-109, 2-103, and 6-103 NMRA]

[Approved 4-12-19; effective 7-01-19]

Order No.19-8300-003   Rule 2-103   Rule 6-103   Rule 23-109

On-record metropolitan court appeals [Order No. 19-8300-004 and withdrawn Rules 5-829, 5-830, and 5-831 NMRA]

[Approved and effective 6-14-19]

Order No.19-8300-004   Rule 5-829   Rule 5-830   Rule 5-831


Guardianship and conservatorship - filing, distribution, and review of mandatory reports [Order No. 19-8300-005 and new Rule 1-143 NMRA]

[Approved 6-24-19; effective 7-01-19]

Order No.19-8300-005   Rule 1-143

Changes under the 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act [Order No. 19-8300-006 and Forms 4A-301, 4A-305, 4A-306, 4A-314, and 4A-315 NMRA]

[Approved 6-24-19; effective 7-01-19]

Order No.19-8300-006   Form 4A-301   Form 4A-305   Form 4A-306   Form 4A-314   Form 4A-315

State Bar Senior Lawyer Division membership requirements [Order No. 19-8300-007 and Rule 24-101 NMRA]

[Approved 6-24-19; effective 7-01-19]

Order No.19-8300-007   Rule 24-101

Publication of notice in Bar Bulletin [Order No. 19-8300-008 and Rules 1-088.1 and 5-106 NMRA]

[Approved 6-24-19; effective 7-01-19]

Order No.19-8300-008   Rule 1-088.1   Rule 5-106

Changes to Family Violence Protection Act regarding possession of firearms [Order No. 19-8300-009 and Forms 4-961, 4-962A, 4-963, 4-963A, 4-965, and 4-970 NMRA]

[Approved 6-24-19; effective 7-01-19]

Order No.19-8300-009   Form 4-961   Form 4-962A   Form 4-963   Form 4-963A   Form 4-965   Form 4-970

Civil mediation in the Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, and Thirteenth Judicial District Courts [Order No. 19-8300-010 and Rules LR7-601, LR8-603, LR9-601, LR13-601, LR13-602, and LR13-603 NMRA]

[Approved 6-24-19; effective 7-01-19]

Order No. 19-8300-010   LR7-601   LR8-603   LR9-601   LR13-601   LR13-602   LR13-603

Grievance about guardian, conservator, or representative payee [Order No. 19-8300-011 and Form 4-999.1 NMRA]

[Approved 8-20-19; effective 8-20-19]

Order No. 19-8300-011   Form 4-999.1

Harassment, discrimination by lawyers prohibited by the Rules of Professional Conduct [Order No. 19-8300-012 and Rules 16-300 and 16-804 NMRA]

[Approved 10-15-19; effective 12-1-19]

Order No. 19-8300-012   Rule 16-300   Rule 16-804

Access to court records in guardianship and conservatorship proceedings and alleged incapacitated person's notice of hearing and rights [Order No. 19-8300-019 and Rule 1-079.1 NMRA and Form 4-999 NMRA]

[Approved 10-15-19; effective 12-1-19]

Order No. 19-8300-019   Rule 1-079.1   Form 4-999